Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2016

Bartop ArcadeForge Ghosts'n Goblins

Hey, find here some pictures of my new Ghost'n Goblins Arcade Bartop build. The bartop Diy Kit is available on

The enclosure is made of Mdf with primer foil and is ready for paint. So I've saved the steps for sanding and primer. Normally I take white chipboard, which has a lacquered surface already. No need for painting at all. Both are available at the page

The Bartop was painted in dark blue.

Look here. So, I've put red T-Molding. I think the red will give the overall dark blue cabinet color a good contrast. The side parts have molding cut and rounded corners with wide angle. So the molding is more simple to attach and no strong bending is needed.

The edges I've designed that there are no open visible edges at all. What means Gehrung on English...?

Here's the light box. Speaker and led stripe will put there. I've foreseen a closed box with two holes for cables. Due to the closed box no light emissions of the leds can mirror on the screen or bezel. smile emoticon
n back panel one see some holes. Two holes are for fans, if needed. Two holes are for usb plugs, one hole for external vga interface
Ie if external tv want to be connected. Another idea was to connect another bartop that to play against each other on two bartop...just an idea. The other hole is for psu with on and off switch

That for today. 

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